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My personal weblog, containing notes on film, books, experimental music, poetics, comics, taxonomies, process, noise, and esoterica. Updated a few times a week.
For those of you preferring something less eclectic, you can now get it in music-only, film-only, or book-only versions.

Aught Music
A decade-in-review MP3 blog, which I curate. Runs from now until the end of the year. My contributions can be seen here.

A satirical board game set in a dystopian future. Twenty years in the making, but may actually get out of development hell in 2010. Has an affiliated Facebook group and mailing list.

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Photos and a few collages

Older Projects

A record label, focusing on limited-edition releases of drone, noise, electroacoustic, and psychedelic music, currently enjoying a longish hiatus. Home of the transcendent drone collective Number None, of which I was a member from 2000-2006.

Imaginary Year (2001-2005)
An experiment in serialized fiction, which documented the lives of a group of fictional Chicagoans in real time. An introduction to the work can be read here.

Bombing Starbucks (1999)
My Master's thesis. A novel about art, activism, the Internet, major labels, Barnes and Noble, the viability of violent action as a method of facilitating social change, virtual reality, selling out, shopping malls, diners, Nike, corporate coffee, and how to change the world. It's also a love story.

Leftovers. For completists only. There's also a lot of little bits and pieces linked to from here.

Other Things

The Superfun Portal of Mystery
Sites on the web that I look at regularly.

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